Elevate Your ROI By Elevating Your Corporate Gifting Experience

Welcome to The Choke Cherry Tree’s Business Gift Bundles - your one-stop solution for premium corporate gifting. Our handcrafted, artisan gifts are designed to help you build stronger relationships with your employees, clients, and prospects, while also giving back to the community.

Why Choose The Choke Cherry Tree for Your Corporate Gifting Needs?


Personalized Date Tracking and Fulfillment

Never miss an important gift date again when our team takes care of every detail, from tracking to fulfillment, based on the list provided by you. Focus on what matters most - your business - while we handle the rest and help you strengthen your relationships.


Community Impact

We believe in giving back. That's why we annually support over 30 charities, and non-profits, and actively volunteer within our community. When you choose our Business Bundles, you're not just sending a gift - you're making a difference.


A Socially Responsible Choice

By choosing The Choke Cherry Tree, you're supporting a woman-owned and led company that values local sourcing, handmade and artisan products, classic technique, small-batch production, and clean ingredients. We also provide employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities, enriching their lives and our community.


A Personal Touch

Every gift comes with a hand-signed note, adding a personal touch that sets our gifts apart and leaves a lasting impression on recipients.

Who Can Benefit from Our Business Bundles?

HR Managers

Boost employee morale and retention with thoughtful gifts that show appreciation and recognition.

Sales Managers/Directors

Delight high-end clients and prospects with premium gifts that reflect your company's values and commitment to quality.

Founders of SMBs

Strengthen relationships with clients and partners, and create a memorable brand experience with our personalized gifts.

Merchant Processor Reps

Stand out in a cut-throat industry by showing you are truly looking out for the best interests of your clients

Experience the Benefits of Personalized Gifting

  • Improve employee retention and satisfaction

  • Enhance customer delight and loyalty

  • Increase customer retention and lifetime value

  • Convert more prospects into clients

  • Accelerate deal closures

  • Generate more customer referrals

Choose The Choke Cherry Tree's Business Gifting Bundles and elevate your corporate gifting experience

1. The Sweet Tooth Sampler

Starting at $10

Treat someone to a delightful gift box assortment of nostalgic candies, including classic caramel, fudge, sea salt caramel, and chocolate truffle. This affordable gift is perfect for expressing appreciation or celebrating a small milestone.

2. Joyfully Jammin’

Starting at $25

Indulge in a delicious selection of fruit-based treats, featuring handcrafted jams, jellies, fruit butters, and fruit tarts made with clean ingredients. A great gift for those who appreciate natural flavors and artisanal quality.

3. The Caramel Quartet

Starting at $50

Delight your recipient with a harmonious blend of four exquisite caramel flavors in this 2 lb. gift tin, featuring half a pound of each flavor. The Caramel Quartet is an elegant gift for those who appreciate the rich, creamy, buttery, smooth taste of artisanal caramels and a truly unique gifting experience. Perfect for clients, partners, or employees who deserve a special treat.

4. Tasty Treasure Tins

Starting at $75

An extravagant pairing of resplendent caramel and dark chocolate gift packed with 24 ounces of Classic Caramel and a full pound of assorted handmade dark chocolate truffles made with The Choke Cherry Tree's exquisite recipes.  This premium gift is ideal for special occasions and discerning confectionary enthusiasts.

5. Flavor Favorites Basket

Starting at $100

A comprehensive collection of The Choke Cherry Tree's finest offerings, this bundle includes an assortment of nostalgic caramel, chocolate, jam or jelly, fruit butter, salsa, fruit sauce, and fruit syrup. Perfect for impressing clients, partners, or employees with an unforgettable gift.

6. The Ultimate Gourmet Experience Collection

Starting at $250

We personally create a personalized gifting experience by curating a custom selection of The Choke Cherry Tree's hand-chosen delights. Choose from a variety of candies, chocolates, jams, jellies, and other specialty food items to design a gift tailored to your recipient's tastes and preferences. Ideal for high-end client gifts or special employee recognition and events.

These unique gifting bundles cater to various tastes and budgets, making it easy for our customers to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

For a limited time, we would like to gift you your own Business Gifting Sampler Bundle (valued at $50).  All we ask is you pay the shipping cost. 

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